Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6: This Contestant Is Predicted for Sixth Week Elimination

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Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 viewers are witnessing heated arguments in the house, and contestants are grabbing attention with their intense drama in the tasks. The Bigg Boss Tamil 6 contestants are not giving up on any difficult task and continue to impress the audience with their performance. It is worth mentioning that Bigg Boss Tamil 6 viewers never failed to give trending content from day one the show began. Coming to the sixth-week nominations, Dhanalakshmi, Janany, Azeem, Robert, Queency, Ayesha, and Nivashini are nominated. Azeem is getting huge support from the audience, though he is creating huge drama in the house.

As per the sources, Dhanalakshmi, Janany, and  Azeem are in the safe zone. Well, as per the unofficial Bigg Boss Tamil 6 pages on social media, Robert, Queency, Ayesha, and Nivaashiyni are in the danger zone. The prediction says that Nivaashiyni has a high chance of getting evicted from the show this week. From yesterday there were other rumors trending on Twitter that Ayesha will face the sixth-week elimination but sources say that she in the green zone. Let us wait and watch will Ayesha or Nivaashiyni gets the axe this week. 

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