Bigg Boss Season 4 Won't Have Any Major Changes!

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Telugu Bigg Boss has entered 4th Season and for the first time, they are continuing with the same host from previous season, too. Jr. Ntr started off the show on TV as a host but he did not show interest to continue hosting for another season.

Natural Star Nani took up the job but he had to face lot of negative trolls and controversies that he decided to not return to the show for another season. Hence, Nagarjuna Akkineni got the job and the show managed to clock highest TRPs ever.

Now, Nag is returning as host and from 30th of August, the show telecast might start. Promos of the show that Nag shot recently, will be telecasted over the weekend, it seems.

Many speculations are being made about the format changes and show length. But none of them are true and the sources are suggesting that the show will run for full 100 days and with 15 participants.

The show producers have come up with interesting twists to the physical tasks to keep everything safe and within the guidelines that Governments have asked them to follow, say sources.

Well, let's get ready to welcome our favourite fun reality show back on TV for another season! 

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