Bigg Boss OTT Telugu: Natraj Master or Mitraaw, Who Will Face The Axe?

 - Sakshi Post

Wonder what's brewing in Bigg Boss Non Stop? Time flies and how! It's been seven weeks since the start of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. It appears that the show started only yesterday. The contestants who have been nominated for seventh-week elimination are Akhil, Bindhu, Natraj Master, Shiva, Mitra, Ariyana, Anil, and Mahesh Vitta. As usual, Bindhu Madhavi is topping the voting polls, followed by Akhil and Shiva in second and third place. Bindhu Madhavi, Akhil, Shiva, Anil, and Mahesh Vitta are in the safe zone. Ariyana, Nataraj Master, and Mithra are in the danger zone. 

According to unofficial Bigg Boss Telugu OTT voting results, either Natraj Master ot Mitraaw have the least voting percentage. As per predictions, Mitraaw is likely to get an exit pass during this week's elimination. Bigg Boss Non Stop makers may save Natraj Master for content and eliminate Mitraaw because she is nowhere to be seen in the game or tasks. Mitraaw is always in the danger zone from the first week, but gets saved in the last minute. The reason why Bigg Boss OTT Telugu viewers are saying that Mitraaw will be saved is because she reportedly has a strong PR team and her PRs are leaving no stone unturned to promote her on social media platforms. 

Let us wait till the weekend to know which contestants will step out of the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT house.

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