Bigg Boss OTT Telugu: Ashu Jealous Of Akhil and Bindhu Bonding

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Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is finally picking up with a lot of action in the house. Contestants are trying their best to impress the viewers. Talking about the bonds in the Bigg Boss Non Stop glass house, with each day passing, equations are changing, except for Akhil, Ashu, Ajay, and Natraj bond. They are constantly seen together, whether it is for tasks or nominations; they all play together and support one another. But soon, things are going to change because we can see Akhil's changing equation with Bindhu, with whom he would often fight. 

For those who missed watching, Akhil and Bindhu teamed up for this week's captaincy task, and it is worth mentioning here that they are doing excellent in their game with good understanding. 

Even after the task, Akhil and Bindhu were seen having a chit-chats. And for the first time, Akhil avoided Ashu, Natraj Master, and Ajay. Ashu and Natraj were shocked to see Akhil's bond with Bindhu. 

Ashu and Natraj Master were imitating Akhil and Bindhu and crossed their limits. But again, Ashu reminded Natraj Master that there were cameras. The video is being widely circulated on social media platforms and viewers are slamming Ashu and Natraj Master over their Derogatory statements. It is very clear that Ashu is feeling jealous of Akhil and Bindhu's bonding. Viewers now feel that Akhil is giving all attention to Bindhu and ignoring Ashu. Akhil's fans are happy that he is coming out of the gang because of which he has earned a bad name outside the Bigg Boss OTT Telugu house. Let us see if Ashu and Akhil will return to being themselves.  

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