Bigg Boss OTT: Divya Agarwal Slams Karan Johar For Constantly Targeting Her

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After what happened in the Sunday ka vaar episode, Divya Agarwal was seen opening up in front of Akshara Singh. She was disappointed over many things and when Zeeshan khan was thrown out of the house, she felt extremely heartbroken. She was also talking about Karan Johar and how he scolded her.

Divya said that Karan cannot say such stuff about her when he doesn’t know her personally. He said all that about me and now I have to suffer because of it. “Karan Johar ne mere barey mein boli hain aisi baatein jiske wajah se mujhe yaha pe suffer karna par raha hain.”

She also added that “Tum maante ho ki tum Bollywood ke raja ho, to tumhare muh se nikla hua har shabd log sunte samajhte hain. Wo obviously tum jo bologe uspe bharosa karenge. To tum mere bare me aisa kaise bol sakte ho.” She pointed out that due to his position in Bollywood, everyone is going to listen to him. Others will believe him.

Things between host Karan Johar and Divya Agarwal have been tense since the start of Bigg Boss OTT. Divya was scolded by Karan in the first Sunday ka Vaar episode, and he did it again this time. Divya, on the other hand, says she will not back down and will fight for what she believes is right.

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Karan reprimanded Divya on multiple occasions. He scolded her for her remarks on Salman Khan and himself. Divya constantly takes his name and disrespecting him, according to the Student of the Year director. This is absolutely bad. Karan was particularly upset over Divya's suggestion that he be nominated for elimination.

She said during one of the episodes, that she would like to nominate Karan Johar for elimination. He took this statement and bashed her by saying that she is a contestant here whereas he is the host. No matter what she does, he cannot be eliminated. Johar asked her to stop talking about him when she cannot show him respect. In the end, he nominated Divya for elimination.

After all, this happened, Netizens were left in confusion. Many said that the Bollywood Nepotism King was once again doing the same. He is favouring the ones coming from the industry and bringing down the others.

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