Bigg Boss OTT Contestants Remuneration: Which Celebrity is Charging How Much

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Bigg Boss OTT has started airing and in just a few days, we have the audience hooked to the show. The concept of the show this time is a bit different and the makers are coming up with new ideas to keep it entertaining. Just like every season, this time too, we have many big names in the house.

The show, as we all know, premiered on August 8 with Karan Johar as the host. We have some celebrities from the TV industry who entered the house and along with them, we also have Youtube stars. Based on the popularity of each celebrity, the remuneration for them will also be different. The pay for one particular contestant is higher than everyone else.

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Yes, this contestant is getting paid at least 5 lakh per episode. It is higher when compared to other contestants’ remuneration. While everyone else is in the 2-3 lakh range, this contestant is getting 5 lakh. It is none other than Ridhima Pandit. She is the highest-paid contestant of BB OTT. Apart from her, no other contestant is getting paid so high.

Check out the pay for Bigg Boss OTT contestants


Pay (Remuneration)

Ridhima Pandit

5 Lakhs

Shamita Shetty

3.75 Lakhs

Urfi Javed

2.75 Lakhs

Zeeshan Khan

2.5 Lakhs

Neha Bhasin

2 Lakhs

Divya Agarwal

2 Lakhs

Milind Gaba

1.75 Lakhs

Akshara Singh

1.75 Lakhs

Karan Nath

1.5 Lakhs

Muskaan Jattana

1.5 Lakhs

Raqesh Bapat

1.2 Lakhs

Nishant Bhatt

1.2 Lakhs

Pratik Sehajpal

1 Lakh

As you can see, Ridhima Pandit is the only one getting paid Rs 5 lakh per episode. Shamita Shetty is charging 3.75 lakh and the rest are in the 2-3 lakh bracket.

You can watch the episodes on Voot. There is also the 24X7 live stream on the app along with the regular one-hour episode.

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