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Boss Non-Stop house is filled with high voltage dramas and fights between contestants. The equations between the contestants are changing by the  day, and it seems that Akhil's gang is changing party and joining Bindhu to share their grief. We can say that Akhil might lose the game if he continues to play for Ashu. 

In this week's captaincy task, Ashu and Mumaith Khan manhandled Bindhu Madhavi and displayed groupism. After this, BiggBoss OTT Telugu viewers say that Bindhu Madhavi exposed Akhil and Ashu's game. 

On the other hand, the war between Akhil and Bindhu over the tasks continued into this week too. Compared to last week, this week the positions of contestants have drastically changed. However, Bindhu and Shiva are in the top positions  inBigg Boss Telugu OTT house and also voting polls.

Check out the positions

Bindhu Madhavi-1

Shiva- 2


Ariyana- 4

Mahesh Vitta-5

Ajay Kathurvar- 6

Mumaith Khan- 6

Anil Rathod- 7

Hamida- 7

Ashu Reddy- 9
Natraj Master- 9

Sravanthi- 10

Mitra- 10 

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