This Bigg Boss Nonstop Contestant May Get The Red Card

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As per sources, the current Bigg Boss Non-Stop show is boring, and it is not attracting as many people as they had hoped. Reports say that as the live streaming of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT was stopped for two days, the viewers are no longer interested in watching the show. However, the Bigg Boss Non-Stop makers resolved the issue, and the current live streaming is error-free. Tejaswwi is the first female contestant to rule the Bigg Boss OTT Telugu house next week, and Natraj Master is the ration manager of the house. As a result, viewers are excited to see Lady Don rule the Bigg Boss Non-Stop house.

Sarayu, Hamida, RJ Chaithu, Mitraw, Ariyana, Natraj Master, and Mumaith Khan are contestants who got nominated for the first week of the elimination process. According to the social media, Bigg Boss Telugu OTT voting results, Ariyana, Natraj Master, and Hamida are in the safe zone. Sarayu, Mumaith Khan, and Mitraw are in the danger zone. The reports say that Mitraw is going to face a first-week eviction. Let's wait and see which contestant will get an exit pass. Which contestant do you want to evict from the Bigg Boss OTT Telugu house? Comment below.

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