Bigg Boss Non-Stop Contestants Position in First Week

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Bigg Boss Non-Stop is back to entertain the viewers again. The live streaming issues have been resolved, and the audience can now watch Bigg Boss OTT Telugu live without any disturbance. According to the reports, the live streaming has started at 12 AM yesterday. As a result, Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers can now watch the show whenever they want. Viewers who do not have the time to watch live can watch an hour episode every day at 9 p.m. Talking about the contestants' performances in the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT house, they are giving their best and are trying to impress the audience with their game strategy. Anyway, the show  has completed its first week and is entering its second week.

According to the social media, Bigg Boss Non-Stop online voting, Mumaith Khan, Sarayu, and Mitraw are in the danger zone. According to the results, Mitraw is in the lowest position. So Mitraw might get an exit pass from the Bigg Boss OTT Telugu house. Currently, Tejasswi has won the captaincy task and Natraj Master is the ration manager for the second week. Following the live stream, the contestants are preparing for the weekend episode. So it looks like Nagarjuna may host the show on both Saturday and Sunday. Let us wait and see what the Bigg Boss Non-Stop makers have in store.Do you want to know the contestants' positions for the first week? Then check the results here.

Do you want to know the contestants' positions for the first week? Then check this out.

Aishu Reddy- 5th position

Mahesh Vitta- 4th position

Mumaith Khan- 11th postion

Ajay Kathurvar- 12th position

 Sravanthi Chokarapu- 15th position

 RJ Chaitu- 10th position

 Ariyana Glory-1st position

 Natraj Master- 8th position

Sree Rapaka- 7th position

Anil Rathod- 14th position

 Mithraaw Sharma-16th position

Tejaswi Madivada-3rd position

 Sarayu Roy- 13th position

Shiva- 9th position

 Bindu Madhavi- 3rd position

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