Bigg Boss Non Stop: Bindhu Madhavi Vs Akhil Sarthak War Rages On

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In any Bigg Boss house, we have seen contestants who never get along from day 1. And with each passing day, their fights become uncontrollable. However, it won't be wrong to say it is such ugly spat, which entertain the small screen audience. These dramas become crowdpullers watch the show. It is no wonder that we don't get to see the show host schooling contestants over their fights in the weekend episodes. 

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT House has become noisy off late. With the equations between contestants in the glass house changing by the minute, the rift between two arch-rivals— Akhil and Bindhu is being widened. 

In yesterday's nomination task, Akhil and Bindhu got into an argument over the reason for nomination, and they refused to accept the nomination. Bindhu and Akhil are having issues from the very first task, and it may continue till the show's last task if they don't get an exit pass from the show. Akhil tries to pull Bindhu down with his voice and argument, while Bindhu gives back in equal measure.

It is worth mentioning here that Bindhu and Akhil's fights have managed to grab more eyeballs. The viewership has improved from the last few weeks after Akhil and Bindhu's fights got worse. Even on social media platforms, fans of Akhil and Bindhu are having a virtual war over their favorite contestant's performance. Bindhu and Akhil are trending on Twitter all time. This week's show rating will almost certainly be high because both Bindhu and Akhil have been nominated. 

Readers, let me tell you, our stories reflect the pulse of the people. We become the voice of netizens and report news as is. We do not wish to take sides. So, you tell us, who is right between the two— Akhil or Bindhu? Comment below.

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