Bigg Boss Non Stop: Baba Bhaskar Wild Card Entry

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Bigg Boss Non Stop has completed its seventh week and entered into its eighth week. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT makers are all set to bring in a wild card entry into the house to add some masala to the show. As per social media speculation, Baba Bhaskar has been sent to a secret room. And he is likely to enter the glass house on Monday. 

Baba Bhaskar is an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3. He entertained the audience with his comedy. So let us wait and see how Baba Bhasker will entertain Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers. 

Talking about the seventh-week elimination, speculation is rife that Mahesh Vitta got a red card from Bigg Boss Non-Stop house. Netizens are trolling and questioning Bigg Boss Telugu makers and HotStar, asking them why they are saving Natraj Master and Mitraaw who are not giving any content to the show. They allege that Mahesh is a much deserving contestant when compared to the others and must be retained till the finale week. "Evicting strong contestants and saving worst performers will not get any viewership," said one of the  Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers on Twitter. 

However, there is no way that the makers will change their decision because Sunday shooting happens on Saturday.

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