Bigg Boss Non Stop: Akhil Hired PRs on Social Media?

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Akhil Sarthak has become the talk of the town after he entered the Bigg Boss show for the second time. From day one of the show, Akhil has left the viewers impressed with his game and individuality. It is worth mentioning here that Akhil is in the good books of the audience, thanks to his performance. 

Akhil also recorded a good number of votes and is giving stiff competition to Bindu Madhavi. Moreover, Akhil was always trending on Twitter, for both right and wrong reasons. But Akhil has lost the popularity he earned during his participation in Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. We all know that Akhil has a powerful fan following outside the Bigg Boss Non Stop house and they never miss an opportunity to trend him. In the last two weeks, Akhil beat Bindu Madhavi in the voting poll. A section of the audience have predicted that Akhil might bag the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT trophy at any cost. Even Akhil also mentioned it many times, that he will take the Bigg Boss Non Stop trophy home.

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Akhil Sarthak PRs Issue

Akhil has given his 100pc in every task, which won the hearts of the audience. Netizens say that his attitude in the game is the right way to enter the Bigg Boss OTT Telugu grand finale. They add that he is one of the strongest contestants in the Bigg Boss Non Stop house. But earlier, there was an allegation against Akhil's family that they were hiring PRs to promote him. Youtube influencer Geetu said in her Instagram live that Akhil's mother asked her to promote Akhil in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 and she did it. Later, Akhil's mother avoided her for no reason, and when Akhil entered the Bigg Boss Non Stop house, she again tried to contact Geetu. However, we don't know the facts of what exactly happened. But some close sources say that Akhil's mother never contacted her to promote Akhil. However, this controversy has given rise to speculation that Akhil is getting the highest voting percentage due to his PR team. 

Netizens say that Akhil has a huge following outside the house and he doesn't need to hire any PR team to promote him. The unknown fact is that each contestant hires PR before entering the show. And hiring PRs is not a big deal for contestants or the audience. So we want to conclude by saying that even if Akhil did hire PR, his true fans will definitely support him and make sure that he wins the Bigg Boss Non-Stop trophy, going by his popularity.

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