Bigg Boss Non-Stop 11th Week Voting Trends

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Bigg Boss Telugu OTT will reach the grand finale in a few weeks from now. The contestants in the Bigg Boss Non Stop house are trying to get into the good books of the audience so they can enter the grand finale episode. With each passing day, contestants are becoming stronger and giving stiff competition to each other. The entertainment in the Bigg Boss Non Stop house is endless. However, fights between Natraj Master and Shiva, Bindu and Akhil are still on. 

In the recent nomination task, contestants nominated each other which was marked by high voltage fights. However, the nominations were done with meaningless reasons. Yet, viewers seem to have enjoyed it. The contestants who got nominated for this week's eliminations are Akhil, Anil, Bindu, Mitraaw, Baba Bhaskar, Ariyana, Natraj Master, and Shiva. 

Akhil and Bindu are topping the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT voting polls. Akhil recorded the highest number of votes, with Bindu fall behind in the second place. Bindu and Akhil fans are trying hard to keep them in the top position. Akhil, Bindu, Baba Bhaskar, Ariyana, and Shiva are in the safe zone. Natraj Master, Anil, and Mitraaw are in the danger zone. Most of the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers say that there is a high chance of Mitraaw or Natraj Master getting an exit pass from the show. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates. Comment below and let us know which contestant will step out of the Bigg Boss Non Stop, according to you. 

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