Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Winner, Runner Up Confirmed

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Season 8 of the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss Kannada has been doing well. The audience is hooked to the show and eagerly waits for updates. After going off-air for some time due to the rise in Covid19 cases, the show came back on popular demand.

It is still a few more weeks before we reach the Grand Finale of BBK8 but the speculations regarding the winner are already on. If we are to go by the trends and contestant popularity, Aravind KP is a clear winner. He has a strong dedicated fan following who vote religiously for him. The fans have been there for KP and will ensure his victory as well.

Especially when things went out of hand after a fight between Nidhi and Aravind, fans of the latter started trending hashtags on Twitter demanding an apology. After Nidhi insulted Aravind and made fun of his participation in the Dakar race, fans demanded that she apologize to Aravind as he is a national-level motorist. The hashtag trended very quickly and grabbed the attention of many.

The buzz for some time shifted towards Manju Pavgada and made many believe that he will be winning the Bigg Boss winner title, but the way the show has been working for the past few weeks and with all that has happened, we can say that Aravind is sure the top choice and contender.

Now that fans are sure of Aravind’s win, who you think can become the runner-up. Going by the voting trend, speculation, and other sources, we can say that the runner-up can be Divya Uruduga. It will be the perfect scene for the fans. Aravind lifting the trophy with Divya by his side will be the poetic end to season 8 of Bigg Boss Kannada. We have to wait for few more weeks before we get to see this live.

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As for the elimination for this week, rumors are that Nidhi Subbaiah will be saying goodbye to the BB house and will make her exit from the kiccha Sudeep hosted show.

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