Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Is Best Season: Kichcha Sudeep

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It was raining praises in yesterday night’s episode of “Weekend with Sudeep” as the host was truly impressed with all the contestants’ performance in the past few days. Bigg Boss Kannada 8 has been doing well in the second innings. The Kichcha Sudeep-hosted reality TV show has been doing well with the TRPs in the second innings when compared to the first one. With all that is going on, the show organizers may have plans on extending it.

Talking about how the show has been doing in its 8th season, Host Sudeep shared in yesterday night’s episode that he is happy with everything that has been going on. He went on saying that this is by far the best Bigg Boss Kannada season he has hosted and he likes it. Not just the show but the host was pretty generous with praises towards the contestants as well.

Sudeep appreciated all the participants and said that he is happy seeing their fighting spirits. Even though Divya U and Aravind KP got hurt while performing the task, they did not give up. Instead, they pushed harder and tried winning it. The “not giving up” spirit is what Sudeep liked the most. This was a complete U-turn when compared to last week’s episode where he was lashing out at contestants.

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Last week Sudeep scolded many contestants and lashed out at them for performing poorly. He was rather disappointed. Unlike what happened last time, this time he seemed to be pretty calm and content with how the contestants performed in the past few days.

As for the elimination, buzz says that Priyanka Thimmesh was shown the exit door in the latest episode. It is known that she was on the nominated list of contestants week after week but somehow survived eviction. Bigg Boss Kannada viewers kept urging Colors Kannada to Evict Priyanka Thimmesh from the BB house over her non-performance.

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