Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Shivin Second Runner Up

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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 contestant Shivin is making loud sound on social media platforms for the win. Shivin is getting massive support from the Bigg Boss Tamil viewers. Shivin is a transgender and commoner contestant on the show. It is worth mentioning that Shivin has won the hearts of the viewers with her personality in the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 glasshouse. Shivin has gained huge popularity and fame outside the Bigg Boss Tamil house, which she might not expect. When no family member visited Shivin during the family week, Kamal Hasaan told her that he is her family.

Shivin has been trending on Twitter for the past few days. Shivin's fans are predicting that she will bag the trophy for sure. They say that Shivin deserves to win the Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 for her outstanding performance in the hard tasks. We can say that if Shivin's winning the  Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 rumour is true then she breaks the record in Bigg Boss history. Shivin will be the first transgender contestant to lift the Bigg Boss trophy. But a few reports say that Shivin ends up as the second runner of the show. Let us wait and watch what Bigg Boss Tamil makers have in store for us.

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