Bigg Boss 4 Telugu: Mukku Avinash's Closeness To Ariyana Could Make Him Unpopular In House

 - Sakshi Post

Jabardasth Avinash stepped into the house of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 as a wild card contestant and he has won the hearts of people with his affable nature and funny antics. According to the reports, he is one of the highest-paid contestants in the house. Many netizens claimed that he is one of the best wild card contestants to date in the house of Bigg Boss. At the beginning of the show, we have seen the housemates enjoying the comedy made by Avinash. Nagarjuna, the host of the show also appreciated Avinash for mingling with the housemates quickly.

But, the scene has been totally changed now, it seems like the housemates are not loving his comedy anymore. Noel Sean who walked out of the show due to health reasons said that Avinash had imitated him without understanding his pain. In that episode, Avinash said that he had targeted him.  In the recent episodes, we have seen Avinash worrying a lot about his stint in the Bigg Boss house. 

On the other hand, Amma Rajasekhar who has been supporting Avinash got evicted from the house. And we all know that  Avinash shares a good rapport with Ariyana Glory,  she is one of the contestants who was disliked by most of the other teammates in the Bigg Boss house. So, indirectly, Avinash may face trouble in the BB house because of his friendship with Ariyana. In the recent episode, most of the housemates called Ariyana as the 'Dictator Captain'. Let us wait and see how the fate of Avinash is going to turn in the future.

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