Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Is the Joker Entry Planned For Gangavva Exit?

 - Sakshi Post

Gangavva became famous at the age of 54, with her My Village Show, on YouTube. Every episode from the show started going viral and Gangavva got to interact with celebrities too, for interviews.  

But her life has never been about staying in a house filled with cameras and with strangers. She cannot go anywhere like her usual places to relax, work in her village. She cannot be with her family and at her age, these things do effect her mental stability. 

She hasn't been used to working in front of cameras or working with strangers for audiences attention. That is her USP - purity and no artificiality. She wants to be able to build a house in her hometown with the money she receives from Bigg Boss show.  

Well, if she stays for 15 weeks, full length of the show, no one else has a chance to win. But within a week, she expressed desire to walk out of the house. She asked host Nagarjuna to let her leave the show instead of Surya Kiran. 

We hear that Gangavva made special agreement with the makers to exit after 5 weeks and instead of her, a wild card will carry on with the show. But with her feeling so depressed, expressing her wish to quit, so explicitly, the makers might let her exit this weekend or next on special permission.  

Sampoornesh Babu couldn't stay in the house after two to three weeks in Season 2 and he had to be sent out on doctor's advise, in the middle of the show. Gangavva might get eliminated soon as per her wish. 

Some speculate this new "Joker" entry indicates that her inevitable exit has been pushed forward. 

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