Bigg Boss 4: Boys Of The House Seem To Be Losing Public Support!

 - Sakshi Post

Gangavva has somehow got over her Homesickness and the third week has been the best for her. She has come back strongly from being mentally affected by the house environment and being completely locked up in the house. 

Her comedy fights with various contestants and innocent exchanges have made her hot favourite of the house members and viewers too. On the other hand,  Harika and Sujatha issues have intensied futhur. Mehboob did not win people's appreciation in his case. 

Monal Gujjar, Divi, Lasya and Devi seem to have calmed down a bit in the first two days of the week. But "Amma" Rajasekhar appeared hurt by what Devi said about him on Saturday, still.

Abhijeet, Akhil Sartak, Karthik Sai and Sohel lost the support of common audience and could not create much impression. Mainly, Sohel seem to have lost his impression due to his heated exchange with Ariana. Interestingly, Noel Sean calmed down lot more this week. 

Avinash has been trying to entertain people but his jokes haven't been landing properly. On the whole, the game needs Boys to pick up themselves and act smarter than just shout. As off now, except for Gangavva, nobody seems to be able to attract full support from audiences. 

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