Bigg Boss 16: This Contestant Is Ruling The Show

BB16 - Sakshi Post

Bigg  Boss 16 contestants are engaging in intense drama and grabbing the attention of the audience. BB16 viewers are witnessing the changing equations between the contestants. As per the tasks, contestants are shifting their sides in the house. Sumbul Khan, who was close to Tina and Shalin in the first few weeks and now she is totally avoiding them by taking her father's review. We can say that Shalin and Tina got more screen space when Sumbul was with them. Anyway, Sumbul is giving it back to Shalin and Tina and emerging as the strongest contestant in the house. Ankit and Priyanka Chahar are keeping the Bigg Boss 16 viewers glued to their televisions with their romantic fights and chemistry in the glasshouse. 

Every week, Bigg Boss 16 viewers are witnessing Ankit and Priyanka's fights, and after the weekend, viewers are desperately waiting for their patch-ups. Priyanka Chahar is getting a massive following and support from the audience. Since the beginning of the show, Priyanka has been at the top in the My Glamm poll. Bigg Boss 16 Twitter page is all about Priyanka's performance and fair game in the tasks. It is worth mentioning that Priyanka has impressed the audience with her balancing character in the BB16 house. A section of the audience says that Priyanka Chahar is ruling the Bigg Boss 16 house. 

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