Bigg Boss 14 Fame Nikki Tamboli Talks Khatron Ke Khiladi, Losing Her Brother and More

 - Sakshi Post

Many people lost their loved ones to the Covid19 infection. This pandemic has hit the country, hard. It was especially worse during the second wave. Among many, Bigg Boss 14 fame Nikki Tamboli also lost someone close to her. She shared the sad part was that she couldn’t even be there to talk to him, for one last time.

Tamboli lost her brother recently. It was when Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 shooting had to start, that is why she didn’t even get time to grieve properly. The actor left for Cape Town just two days after her brother’s demise due to Covid19. She couldn’t back out as the commitment was already made.

Nikki was one among the top 5 in the Bigg Boss 14 season. The show ended and she came out of the house in February, this year. Since then, she has had a packed schedule. Nikki was shooting for music videos and other projects. Amidst all this, she didn’t get time to talk to her brother.

After coming out of the house, her brother wanted to talk about the Bigg Boss journey and other things. Both of them wanted to spend some time together, but due to continuous shoots and projects, she didn’t get the time. Tamboli tested positive for Covid19 as soon as she came back after finishing the shoot for Tony Kakkar’s song. She quarantined herself for 14 days, revealed Nikki to Bollywood Hungama. 

Upon recovering, the actor soon flew to Chandigarh for the shoot of ‘Kalla Reh Jaayega’. Coming back home, she was hit with the news of her brother’s hospitalization. She promised to meet her brother soon and told him not to worry. But by the time she came back home after finishing the shoot for another song, her brother had died. She regretted it as she got no time to talk to him.  

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