BBT5: Is This Why Shannu Targeting VJ Sunny?

 - Sakshi Post

From day one of Bigg Boss Telugu, contestants thought that Shannu was being influenced by other contestants and not playing his own game. Even in the first weekend episode, Nagarjuna says to Shannu, "Arey Entra Edhi" one week has passed but you have not started your game. But here is the twist: Shannu started his game from the first week onwards.

 Shannu is targeting the top players in the house. In his list, Sunny is one of the players. Both Siri and Shannu were targeting Sunny from the first week. In the first week of Bigg Boss Telugu, Shannu assassinated Sunny’s character. In the second week, he said Sunny was the worst performer.

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In the recent weekend episode of the third week, when Nagarjuna asked who was unfit in the house, Shannu named Sunny, and now in the recent captaincy task, Siri and Shannu are discussing that Sunny is unfit for the captaincy.

A section of the audience also says that Shannu is targeting Sunny and few are supporting Shannu. Let's wait and see what Shannu is planning

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