BBT5: Shanmukh Scared to Hug Siri After Meeting Deepthi Sunaina, Keeps Distance

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is getting interesting by the day. With just a few days left for the grand finale episode, the excitement has hit its peak. Both the contestants and viewers are waiting for Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Finals to know who will finally walk away with the trophy. 

There are only a few contestants left in the house and all eyes are on some popular names, who are being tipped as those entering finals.  Among the popular contestants in the current season of Bigg Boss Telugu is Shanmukh Jaswanth. He is one of the most talked about contestants on social media. 

Shannu's Girlfriend Deepthi Sunaina's social media posts seeking votes for him and his closeness to Siri inside the house made sure he remained on top of the trends since day one his entry into the Bigg Boss house. 

It is known that Shanmukh's over-friendliness with Siri has be one the topic of discussion among the Bigg Boss viewers. It is known that Deepthi unfollowed Shannu on instagram after he hugged Siri. There were even talks of their split. However, Deepthi's entry into Bigg Boss house changed all that. Yesterday Shanmukh and Siri fought again and Siri wanted to hug him again and Shanmukh apologised to her. However, Siri wanted to hug him and Shannu hesitated and even made it clear to the camera that it was only a friendly hug as if to make sure there are no more misunderstandings. 

It now appears that Shannu is wary of getting into any further controversies. He was definitely thrilled on seeing Deepthi and he now wants to focus on trophy while maintaining his distance from Siri. 

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