BBT5: Jessie Sensational Comments On Shanmukh-Siri Relationship

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants Shanmukh and Siri are making the headlines for their relationship in the house. If you recall, Shanmukh and Siri were best friends of Jessie in the house. Jessie had walked out of the show after his health deteriorated. After his exit from the Bigg Boss house, Jessie opened up about Shanmukh-Siri's relationship.

He stated to a leading tabloid that, "When we are out, our family stands by us through thick and thin. None from the Bigg Boss house will be there during difficult times."

Jessie adds, "We feel housemates in the BB house are the world to us. We also tend to get attached to them. When I was suffering with Vertigo in the house, I felt that I wish I had my family beside me. During the time, Siri helped me and we developed a bonding. That's one reason why I can't take it if anyone says anything to her."

 I developed an emotional bond with her. Now, Shanmukh and Siri are having an emotional bond. But that will cease to exist once they step out of the house. Siri banging her head in the washroom for Shanmukh sake was not right. If she did that when I was there in the house, I would have slapped on her for doing silly things. Siri is a strong person but she is behaving like that due to the current situation and those are all Bigg Boss vibes. Shanmukh is a very possessive friend, but a genuine person. Siri and Shanmukh are true friends." With these statements, Jessie seems to have confirmed the relationship status of Shanmukh-Siri in the house.

What did Jessie mean when he said that their bond will diminish after they step out of the Bigg Boss house?

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