BBT5: Deepthi Sunaina Places Shannu on Top Despite Siri Rumour

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Shanmukh Jaswanth is one of the contestants in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. He has a huge fan following. We have seen Shanmukh's mother on the show as a part of the family reunion. She told Shanmukh to focus on his game and asked him to mingle with everyone. 

On Saturday's episode, Deepthi Sunaina appeared on the show. She told Shanmukh that she is missing him and is gonna miss him for another three weeks. She told Shannu that she wants to see him in the finale. When Deepthi Sunaina was asked to name the top five contestants. She gave Shanmukh the first position and then placed Srirama Chandra.

Earlier, we have heard many rumours that Deepthi Sunaina was upset with the behaviour of Shannu on the show and his closeness with Siri. Even Shanmukh's mother gave indirect advice to Shannu not to be so much attached to Siri and told him to spend time with others as well. And Siri's mother also told that she didn't like Siri hugging Shannu all the time. But, Srihaan, the boyfriend of Siri told that he knows Shanmukh before Siri and told her not to think too much. He told her to focus on her game and not to think beyond that. He said that he was very happy that Shanmukh, one of his best friends was on the show along with Siri.

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