BBK8: Can Manju Pavagada Win Bigg Boss Kannada?

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We are just 4 days to the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss Kannada 8. On August 8, we will be getting the winner of this season. As we know, Divya Suresh will get evicted in the sudden mid-week elimination. After that, we will be getting the top 5.

1. Aravind KP

2. Divya Uruudga

3. Vaishnavi Gowda

4. Manju Pavagada

5. Prashanth

The above 5 will be reaching the Grand Finale of BBK8.

Based on the votes and viewers' choice, we can say that the competition is tough between Aravind and Manju. Aravind was leading in the votes until now, but the recent eviction has also worked in favour of Manju. Shubha Poonja got eliminated on Sunday and since she and Manju were close, Poonja’s fans are now voting for Manju. Her fandom is completely on Manju’s side and is voting rigorously.

Now Manju has the support of his own fandom as well as Poonja’s fandom too. This has helped him catch up fast with Aravind. He has the support of his own fans and also ArViya fans. They are voting for Aravind and hence he was well in the lead. But now Manju has got double support too, so the competition has become a tough one.

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Plus, a recent opinion poll which was conducted on twitter ended with Manju’s victory. Many fanbases of BBK8 came together and conducted a poll in which they asked the fans to vote for the contestant they think will win the show and it was Manju who got the highest votes.

He has also been performing the tasks well and has been a consistent player. We can say that Manju is not to be ignored. He is here to give a strong competition and fight to other players.

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