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Roopesh Shetty is trending all over on social media platforms as Bigg Boss Kannada OTT winner. Roopesh Shetty had a huge craze before entering the Bigg Boss OTT Kannada house and his popularity doubled after entering the show. Roopesh's entertainment and game has wowed the audience. Roopesh and Snaya's bond and chemistry have managed to keep the audience engaged in the show. Roopesh was super active in the house. He never got into ugly or controversial fights with other contestants. He also never gave up any tasks assigned to him. Neither did he get distracted from his core focus—game. 

Roopesh secured the highest voting percentage in the grand finale voting polls. We can say that Roopesh Shetty's fans defeated Rakesh Adiga's fans in terms of getting the votes for him. Fans of both Roopesh and Rakesh indulged in virtual wars and they gave tough competition to each other in votes. They tried hard to keep their favorite contestant on top of the trends. 

Roopesh fans proved their fan power by keeping him at the top of the game with the highest votes. Not only in the grand finale, Roopesh was always topping the charts every week. Roopesh Shetty has been trending on Twitter since day one of the show. Even Colors Super Twitter page is filled with Roopesh Shetty's posters. The common hashtag for Roopesh on social media is "#RoopeshTheBoss". 

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