Bangarraju For Sankranthi Release, No Issues With AP Ticket Pricing: Nagarjuna

Bangarraju For Sankranthi Release, No Issues With AP Ticket Pricing: Nagarjuna - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Tollywood actor Akkineni Nagarjuna stated that he had no issues or problems with movie ticket pricing in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Nagarjuna, during a press meet held at Annapurna Studios regarding his upcoming movie Bangarraju in which he has acted with his son Naga Chaitanya, announced the film’s release date on Wednesday. " There are no difficulties with my movie release. If the ticket prices are low then less money will come. If it is higher then we will get more money more. We can’t sit with movies in our pockets in wait for the ticket prices to up. Numbers‌ vary from year to year and I came out of this number rat race a long time, ” Nagarjuna stated. Nagarjuna Akkineni and Naga Chaitanya Akkineni-starrer, Bangarraju is all set to release on January 14 in theatres.

Speaking further Nagarjuna said, “This release date was not the actual one which we had planned earlier. Bangarraju is a star-studded movie. So, we were skeptical about finishing the shooting and ensuring that the film was ready for a festival release. But yesterday, we have decided to release the movie on 14th January only after getting clarity from our technical and post-production teams. If everything goes smoothly and perfectly without the Omicron effect the film will come on January 14th, the Sankranthi day, he said and thanked the entire film crew and cast for completing the film one time.

"Thanks to the hard work of my team I was able to announce the release date of this movie. Naga Chaitanya could not attend the event as he was busy with the dubbing works for the film. There will not be any negativity associated with the release of this movie. I always go ahead with positive thoughts. Let us announce the release date first. God will take care of whatever happens next, he stated with a philosophical touch.

In answer to a question about RRR and RadheShyam's release, he added that the postponement of the release of RRR and Radheshyam was unfortunate. " I know how hard they worked for the film as I am close to them. Even if  RRR and RadheShyam were to be released I would have released, Bangarraju as well. Sankranthi should have at least three movie releases. Even when the movie ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ came out during Sankranthi in 2016, four movies were released simultaneously. I believe that 'Bangarraju' will be a plus for Naga Chaitanya, just like how President Gari Pellam and Janakiramudu were for my career, ”said Nagarjuna.

Watch Nagarjuna's Response on RRR and Radhe Shyam Postponement

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