Azeem or Shivin Who Is Strong Contestant In Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 is grabbing the attention of the audience with their high drama, thanks to Dhanalakshmi and Azeem. Bigg Boss Tamil 6 is filled with Azeem and Dhana fights in the tasks. Bigg Boss Tamil season is getting controversial content from Dhana and Azeem's ugly spat. Bigg Boss Tamil viewers are fed up and bored with their intense drama and equally enjoying it. Though Azeem is creating unnecessary fights, he is getting massive support from the viewers. Azeem is topping the voting poll since he is been on the nomination list from the first week. Azeem fans are not leaving the stone back to trend him to Twitter. A section of the audience expected that Azeem may eliminate in the first week but his fans saved him with the highest voting percentage. 

Equally, Shivin is also a strong contestant and getting huge support from the viewers. Shivin is impressing the audience with her straightforward and fair game in the house. Shivin and Azeem fans are having fan wars on Twitter and posting video clips to prove that their fav contestant is on the right part. Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 viewers are supporting Shivin from day one and trending her for her fair play. Netizens say that  Shivin and Azeem are strong contestants and they might be in the grand finale list. So whom do you support Shivin or Azeem? Comment below. Follow Sakshipost for more updates.

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