Ariyana's Undying Spirit Threatens To Spoil Akhil And Sohel Winning Chances

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is in the final week now. The top five contestants in the house are Akhil, Sohel, Ariyana, Abhijeet and Ariyana. The finale will take place on December 20 and we will be knowing the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 on that day. In the latest episode, all the contestants in the house have been asked to name one person whom they don't want to be in the list of finalists.

Except Abhijeet, all other contestants named Ariyana.  Harika, Akhil and Sohel said that Ariyana plays the tasks in a typical manner. However Ariyana took it in  positive manner and told that somehow she tried to create her mark in Bigg Boss house and feels that she is a fighter. She further added that if everyone calls her underserving then obviously, she has given her hundred per cent in the game. 

Many times, we have seen the housemates calling Ariyana as dictator captain. Sohel and Ariyana had heated debates over many aspects. In the last week,  Ariyana has gone through a lot of emotional trauma. In one of the episodes, Nagarjuna also yelled out at Ariyana for using 'Woman Card'. She was the last contestant to enter the grand finale.

According to the unofficial polls, it is said that Abhijeet is having more number of votes than others and other news is that Ariyana is ahead of other contestants.  So, my dear readers, the stubborn attitude threatens to spoil Akhil and Sohel winning chances? What do you say, do share your comments with us.

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