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Masterchef Australia is one of the most popular cooking reality TV programs and people love to watch it. Many contestants have gone from appearing in the show to opening their own restaurants and becoming successful in the culinary industry. This time, the newest season of Masterchef brings this opportunity for another person.

We are talking about none other than the winner of Masterchef Australia 2021, youth Pastor Justin Narayan. Yes, this young man has won the title of Masterchef Australia 2021. He will be taking home the winner trophy and the cash prize of $250,000.

It was a tough fight between Justin, Kishwar, and Pete. These finalists were ready to battle it out in the kitchen. After two rounds of cooking, there was not much difference between them on the scoreboard. It was Pete leading with 53 points, Kishwar on 51, and Justin was with 50 points and in the last position. But you never know how and when things take a turn.

The third and final round was a Pressure test with contestants having to recreate culinary giant Peter Gilmore’s dish.  He is known as the master of pressure tests and especially comes setting up tough challenges for those in the Grand Finale. This time the players could get 80 points.

Gilmore brought the contestants a two-course meal to recreate. The contestants had five hours to cook. There were squid noodles, shiitake custard, and Koji butter sauce with a golden crackle dessert. They will be scored by all three judges and Gilmore with 40 points each for savory and dessert.

Kishwar scored (32/40) for her savory dish and (31/40) for the dessert. Unfortunately, it was not a good score to keep her in the race anymore. Then it was Pete’s dish to be scored. He received (36/40) for his savory dish and (35/40) for the dessert. This gave him a total of 124 points adding the previous rounds totals.

Justin scored a magnificent (40/40) for his perfect savory dish and (35/40) for his dessert. This gave him a total of 125 points putting Justin in the lead with just one point and making him the winner.

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