Anchor Anasuya Talks About Losing Work Due To Favouritism!

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Anchor Anasuya grew from an unknown to a highly popular anchor on the strength of her boldness, looks and talent. She made sure that people who like her or dislike her can never ignore her. 

So, when she was asked about facing challenges with nepotism, favouritism and casting couch, she said that she did face those issues and she won't lie that nothing that sort of happened in the first place. 

She said that she did lose work due to favouritism for two years and then she wanted to keep it to herself as that wasn't the perfect time to say anything. Now, she wants to speak out as her voice will be heard and won't be ignored easily. 

She talked about how Casting Couch can be avoided. She remarked that any person can only take advantage of another when the other lets them to do so. 

She asked young women entering into the industry to be patient and believe in hard work than accepting the "offers" that these casting couch people "say they could only get deliver". She maintained that girls shouldn't be trusting people whom they don't know so easily and they should have their shields up and goals clearly defined. 

She is currently doing several shows on TV channels and has three films in hand. She found huge fame for her acting in Rangasthalam and Kshanam, movies. 

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