Allu Ramalingaiah To Become As Memorable As ...!

 - Sakshi Post

AVM, Modern Cinemas, Vauhini Studios, Vijay-Vauhini Studios and Vijay Gardens - Studios have been the most prominent studios by the time Allu Ramalingaiah entered into films as a stage actor. 

Later Prasad Art Pictures, Gemini Studios have become the biggest. When he was alive, Allu Ramalingaiah wished to build such a studio someday, after becoming a producer. 

But he had to take care of his family with his remuneration being 10-15% or 25% -after attaining fame, of that of the stars. So, he thought such dreams will only come true if his future generations also share his passion for films. 

Luckily for him his son, Allu Aravind turned out to be a passionate producer and Aravind had a boon in Megastar Chiranjeevi, to bank upon. Slowly, he started building his own production house, Geetha Arts and entered into distribution, exhibition as well. 

He became one of the most influential persons of the Industry. But his plans to build the empire needed more and more sustainability to fulfill his father's wish of building a studio. 

When Allu Arjun became a star and took over Allu Ramalingaiah's legacy as an actor, Allu Aravind could plan bigger things without any fear or doubts. Hence, Allu Family announced the construction of Allu Studios on 1st October. 

They want to build an world-class facility in Telugu states that is as good as established studios like Annapurna Studios, Ramanaidu Studios and Ramoji Film City. A legendary comedian of TFI, Allu Ramalingaiah's last wishes are going to come true, isn't it a happy occasion?

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