All Others To Follow Nani's "V" Model?

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Natural Star Nani did not take one daring step forward when everyone's scared but he actually gave his permission to Dil Raju for their movie, V's OTT release to end confusion in TFI, suggest new reports. 

Many producers think from November, they can go for shoots of their films but they are not ready to get a red mark on their films with reviews, online opinions of audiences before they can close OTT platform deals for their yet-to-release films, at the moment. 

Under normal circumstances, they can take in their stride or ask audiences support them, like usually. But these are extraordinary conditions and even if theatres open, they see OTT release as their main source of income. 

With increase in the number of people who write about films and the readiness of audiences to give out their opinions on social media, even while watching a film, the producers fear that if the response of a film that manages to get theatrical release in coming days, is negative, it could end up losing out on a lucrative profit deal from OTT platforms. Hence, they are highly confused about how to move forward. 

Should they take a deal, what seems to cover their costs? Or should they hope for better returns from their film theatrical run over an extended period of time, with reduction in occupancies? They fear the online instant negative opinion or feedback can hurt them badly. 

If a film is available on OTT platforms even a highly trashed one can get viewers to watch it over a non-productive weekend but it doesn't get a good lucrative deal post release. They have close them prior to release and unfortunately, OTT platforms demand better stakes for higher prices like exclusive streaming rights and they can come up with no theatrical release clause too. 

This has put producers in dilemma from long and Dil Raju with the support of Nani, V team just ended it. Now, with the kind of deal Dil Raju cracked, there is a chance for theatrical release of "V" in rural areas, if film manages to get positive feedback and Satellite TV rights are also open for grabs. 

On 5th September, if the movie manages to get lucrative response from audiences and good feedback from reviewers, viewers, then other producers can take the decision to release their films on OTT platforms with similar kind of deals until occupancy rates in theatres can go up to 80-90%. Producers predict that by that time, audiences would be craving for theatrical experience after months of congested OTT jetlag! 

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