After RM BTS J Hope Gets 7 Tattoo

After RM BTS J Hope Gets 7 Tattoo - Sakshi Post

The members of the popular Korean pop group, BTS, announced a Hiatus on their 9th anniversary a major heartbreak to the ARMY. They said they will concentrate on their personal growth and work on solo performance for a while. They also vowed to make a strong comeback. The BTS members also said they will re-start their popular TV show ‘Run BTS’ after their comeback. 

However, the sudden announcement from the boy band has come as a major shock to their fans. To nurse the wounds suffered by the BTS fans, the singers promised to be in touch with their fans with their projects and songs. 

At the BTS FESTA dinner, they said they were planning to get a friendship tattoo as a  mark of friendship and their band. As we all know, RM was the first member to get the tattoo even before the FESTA video came out. The BTS leader also said that he will get a tattoo soon. 

Now, another BTS member J-hope has got the friendship Tattoo ‘7’ inked on the back of his leg. Hobi posted a pic of his tattoo on his Instagram handle. They all said they will get a tattoo somewhere on their body which will not disturb their work. J-Hope got it on the back of his leg just above the ankle.

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