Adipurush Is Aggressive While Other Team Is Not So Much, Why?

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Prabhas does his projects at a snail pace. This is not a statement from us, but his fans feel so. They want him to be part of big action dramas but they want him to complete them in as lesser time as possible. 

Hence, they think that their hero likes to take things forward slowly. The truth is, it takes time for him to get ready for the character. Post Baahubali, more than 150 crores budget has become the Norm for his films and that is scary.

Prabhas tries to get everything perfect and is dedicated towards his craft. He doesn't avoid any gym session or isn't against going to any length for a perfect shot. The actor though should check on his next  two film directors, for sure. 

The confusion between them might be leading to a problem  environment to each other and ultimately, him. Adipurush director, Om Raut seems to be highly thrilled with the project and he is making all sorts of statements about the shooting too. He said that the movie will be finishing shooting at a rapid pace and also said that it will start by January, 2021. 

On the other hand, Nag Ashwin and his team are getting ready for the same time. They even announced that their film will be 21st film of Prabhas, with Deepika Padukone. Now, they are slightly put off by the aggressiveness of Om Raut and some reports suggest that they are slightly scared about Prabhas's decision too. 

Well, from our sources, we gather that Prabhas wants to first finish Radhe Shyam and then think about the next projects. Right now, he is training because of the time he has on hands but not give one project preferential treatment. Hope, he clarifies that to both of his directors! 

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