10 Highly Underrated Movies Inspired By True Events You Must Watch

 - Sakshi Post

When we try to watch something good, be it a TV show or movie, we sometimes ignore the underrated ones. What makes these movies underrated? Well, the story could be a good one but not many people have watched it. Many times films that are truly cinematic or story-based masterpiece could get neglected because not many people know about their existence.

It is not always about the actor or the fictional story, sometimes these things are not what sells the movie. The movie is based on a real-life incident or person that becomes enough to get the audience intrigued. You learn about these real-life superheroes who truly deserve praise or about a heart-breaking incident.

Indian cinema has always been the place where directors and writer love real-life incidents. These stories are taken up and presented to the audience with a mix of ‘cinema’ into it. Many viewers like watching films instead of reading about the incident as movies come with the audio-visual experience.

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Over the years, many films have gained attention and have been recognized as the best ones by the audience. Movies like MS.Dhoni, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Airlift, Uri and others have been recognized among the audience. These are the movies based on real-life that became popular, but some films are good but are not so popular.

While many films grab the attention of all, many also go unnoticed. There might be many reasons behind it. Either the movie did not get a big release or got delayed too much and released on an OTT platform or other.

We are here to tell you about some of the films that were good but did not grab many eyeballs. Take a look at the list below and add these films to your watchlist.

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