Nagarjuna Sagar By-Elections: Janareddy's New Twist To Congress

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On the one hand, by putting his son in the ring in this election, it will be as if the Nagarjunasagar seat has been reserved for his son.

It is learned that Janareddy is planning to field Miryalaguda in the upcoming elections.

Nagarjuna Sagar: The campaign has been going on for some time that the senior leader of the party, former minister Janareddy, is almost certain to enter the ring on behalf of the Congress in the forthcoming Nagarjunasagar by-election in Telangana.

Janareddy has agreed to this as he has been granted the position of leadership. Information is going around that the selection of the new chief of TPCC has been postponed due to his suggestion. But judging by the latest remarks made by Janareddy, there are some questions going around. Like will he enter the election ring or will he field his son and that is not known to anyone at this time.

Janareddy told the Congress leadership that in the upcoming Nagarjuna Sagar by-election he would abide by their decision and would welcome everyone if his son gets to keep a seat in the Nagarjuna Sagar by-elections.

Some argue that this suggests that he is planning to field his son. Janareddy is a senior politician and his ideas are elusive even to Congress leaders. His views are said to be unknown even to those closest to him.

It will be interesting to see what unfolds at the Nagarjunasagar by-elections and to know what Janareddy is thinking. If Janareddy enters the Nagarjunasagar by-election ring, the victory of the Congress Party is certain.

With the Congress stronghold, the party ranks hope that the party will regain its vitality in Telangana. However, no one can imagine what the situation would be like if Janareddy's son entered the ring.

Janareddy, on the other hand, would have to reserve the seat for his son by putting his son in the ring in this election. It is learned from some unnamed sources that Janareddy is planning to field Miryalaguda in the upcoming elections himself. It is for this reason that he is acting strategically in the case of Nagarjunasagar. There is talk in Congress circles that he is more likely to remain silent on the matter until the last minute. Janareddy's remarks about his son's political career as a whole seem to have created a new tension for Congress Party.

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