Why Should Girls Put Gorintaku In Ashadam?

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In the Telugu states, the Ashada Masam is synonymous with Gorintaku aka Mehendi. The most commonly followed tradition by Telugu people during the month of Aashadam is a newlywed bride going back to her mother’s place and spending time with her family till this month is over.

Besides spending time with the family, there is also another custom followed in Aashadam. Women put Gorintaku or henna or Mehendi on their hands and feet. Though there are many reasons for applying Gorintaku in this season, the main reason is that in the monsoon season you are prone to seasonal infections. When you apply Mehendi, it prevents bacteria from infecting the skin.

There are also other reasons for applying Mehendi during the season:

Since women are in constant contact with water while doing household chores, the skin on their hands may get swollen. Mehendi is said to prevent this.

 Application of Gorintaku can prevent too much stress because it cools the body and keeps the nerves from getting tense.

Another interesting belief is that young girls who put Gorintaku feel that darker the shade of red on your hands, greater the love she gets from her husband and in-laws.

Apart from the health aspect, putting Mehendi or Gorintaaku also adds beauty to your hands and feet. Other than the traditional moon and dots, you can even put various designs with the cone and also with the leaf. 

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