Why is Mysuru Dasara Famous: Jamboo Savari Of Goddess Chamundeshwari

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The Mysore Dasara festival is a grand celebration. Every year in the month of Ashvin of the Hindu calendar, the 10-day great extravaganza is held in Karnataka's historical city of Mysuru. The festival begins on Navaratri's first day and ends on Vijayadashami or Dussehra.

It is said that the festival has been conducted for the past four centuries. Over the years, the celebration became even more extravagant. As per the belief, the first such festival was organized back in the 15th century by the Vijayanagara Empire rulers.

Karnataka's 'nada habba,' or state celebration, is Mysore Dasara. Tourists from all over the world gather to enjoy the festivities. The titular king of Mysuru presides over the rituals at the Mysore Dasara festival. But things might be different this time due to Covid. The celebration cannot be as big as it always is. Plus the number of tourists will also be limited.

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The procession is large and beautiful, filled with dance bands, music bands, animal procession, and more. The Mysore palace is decorated too. It is illuminated with lights for 10 days. Tourists especially come here to witness the procession that commences at the Amba Vilas Palace and goes around 5 kilometers. 15 elephants that are part of this procession are the main attraction. Goddess Chamundeshwari’s idol is placed on top of a decorated golden mantapa placed on the elephant.

Mysore Dasara festival this year cannot be as extravagant due to Covid19. So, this year, only 500 people will be allowed to participate in the ‘Jambu Savari’. The negative RT-PCR test report is mandatory along with at least one dose of vaccine completed. This is especially for the officers and everyone taking part.

Needless to say, masks, sanitizer, and social distancing are a must. The festival will begin on October 7 and end on October 15.

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