Why Do We Apply Haldi To New Clothes Before Wearing Them On Festivals

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The scriptures have stated specific actions on the perspective of a person while wearing new clothes and how to derive benefit at the spiritual level.

An auspicious beginning to wearing new clothes should be done on festivals as per scriptures. New clothes should be worn after placing them in front of the Deities and also after applying Haldi (Turmeric) and Kumkum (Vermilion) on them. Before wearing new clothes ourselves, it is customary to offer new clothes to others to wear.

According to the scriptures, Deities sometimes arrive on the earth in a subtle disguised form on auspicious days, and on the days of festivals, and on the days of religious rituals. To get adorned with ornaments and clothes on these days is akin to welcoming their arrival. It pleases the Deities because of which they bless us, and we can imbibe their waves.

Wearing new or silk clothes on the days of festivals attracts the Principles of Deities maximally towards those clothes and makes them sattvik (Pure). The waves of Deities attracted towards the clothes are retained for a longer period, and the one who wears them throughout the year benefits all year round.

If we have observed our ancestors, they did not know about jeans or other fabric clothes. Also applying turmeric powder to new clothes’ is observed from our ancestors. In the olden days, there were no mills, and clothes were weaved manually.

Before weaving clothes, a starch prepared from flour is applied to the thread, which attracts bacteria and other disease-causing germs. Wearing those clothes may cause skin rashes and other diseases.

As turmeric powder has anti-bacterial property, our ancestors prescribed us to apply turmeric powder on both sides of the new clothes. Also, turmeric powder is considered for wellness.

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