When You Are A Feminist You Fight Not Just For Women's Rights, But For All

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By Yagna

A girl grows up dreaming to make a living, studies hard, gets a stable and decent job, stays alone in the city, sends revenue home every month, gives her parents a comfortable life. But such a beautiful, hard-working, strong woman fails to walk out alone in the dark wearing her confidence because of a few muscular figures who claim to be men. 

She doesn't put on clothes she wishes to because of several unfair eyes that follow her every night she walks home. Those unfair eyes make her question her beautiful curves. Ignoring them she continues to walk but a sudden attack of disgust, pain, chaos, and the embarrassment of her not being able to protect herself makes her question her sanity. After that night she heard a concealed chatter reach her ears every time she stepped out. How she wished she was stronger, how she wished she was faster. After all that she's been through she is the one who hides her face while those “men” walk around without a conscience. How I wish they believed her, how I wish she could love again, how I wish she lived longer.
“We need feminism because a man in a room full of women is ecstatic, but a woman in a room full of men is terrified”. The most misunderstood word according to me is Feminism. 

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People often tend to misinterpret the meaning of feminism as rights for women but it means rights for all. Women want to be paid equally, not more, they want to walk out safely without worrying about someone following them, she wants to be asked about her work and not what she made for dinner. They don't want to be corrected on how they sit, talk and breathe. Feminists don't want to normalize the things women go through, they don't just want to deal with it but fight against it. Feminists believe it's okay for men to cry and it's okay for women to comfort them. People call women “feminists” like it’s an insult but when you are a feminist you fight for human rights not only women’s rights.

The author is an intern with Sakshi Post. She is a student of Suchitra Academy, Hyderabad

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