Viral: COVID Patient on Ventilator Allegedly Forced to Drink Cow Urine

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A covid patient was force-fed cow urine.

A viral video of a man allegedly pouring cow urine into the mouth of a Covid infected woman on a ventilator has shocked netizens.

The shocking video was first posted on Twitter by Surat General Secretary Kishor Bindal of Bharatiya Janata Party last week, according to a leading news agency. After nearly 80,000 views, the video was removed from YouTube, but it was later re-uploaded to Reddit.

In the video, an unidentified man stands over an elderly woman using a ventilator and holds a bottle filled with yellow liquid. After that, the man starts pouring the liquid into her mouth. He still attempts to communicate with her, but the noise from nearby medical equipment obscures what he means. Cow urine is commonly known as 'Gau Mutra.'.

Despite Prime Minister Modi's repeated statements that corona can only be cured by scientific means, party members seem to have turned deaf ears.

Doctors who were treating the woman on a ventilator were shocked by the BJP activist's prescription. K Bindal, BJP's Surat General Secretary, tweeted a video of the patient drinking cow urine. He took down the tweet after receiving a lot of backlash on social media.

The alleged act can be seen in the video below, which was posted by a netizen. The video went viral. The netizen stated, "A BJP worker allegedly poured cow urine into the mouth of a Covid patient who was on a ventilator. BJP Surat General Secretary K Bindal tweeted this video (later deleted) as if it is great charity work done by his party. Looks like Sambit Patra has many fans at his party." Many people expressed their support for the woman and condemned the party worker's behavior in the comments section.

Bindal and the Bharatiya Janata Party have not issued any statement in response to the video. It was also unclear if the unnamed patient in question needed further medical treatment after being allegedly force-fed suspected cow urine.

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