Vegan Man Turns Pee-gan, Consumes Urine to Stay Young

 - Sakshi Post

If there’s one thing that human beings dread, it is aging. A person will go to any extent to look young and lovely. You must have heard stories of people desperately running to the plastic surgeon for a quick fix of their face, nose, lip, and whatnot!

What this Vegan man did will not only shock you but also make you question your existence. Meet, Harry,  a 30-year-old Vegan, who consumed 200ml of his one-month-old urine every day. Wait! His idiosyncracies don’t stop there, he even rubs urine into his skin like the way famous Turkish butcher, “Salt Bae” sprinkles some of that salt on his dishes. What for? To look a decade younger. 

People turn to drugs, alcohol, and excessive smoking, but urine??? Well, in this curious case of Harry Matadeen, who found refuge in drinking urine six years ago citing health benefits; a reason as absurd as his antics. 

He says, "From the moment I drank the urine, it woke up my brain and removed my depression. I felt a new sense of peace, calm and determination. I thought "wow I can make it for free and always keep myself in this happy state." Looks like the world is moving in the right direction folks!

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