There Is Absolutely No Pressure In Being Creative: Kamlesh Salvi, Lifestyle Content Creator

Sakshi Post interview with Kamlesh Salvi- digital lifestyle content creator

A sportsman turned social media influencer, Kamlesh Salvi is a digital lifestyle content creator who went on to make a career out of his talents. Today  Salvi is a household name for some world-class brands like Amazon, Royal Stag, Titan, BenQ, Mx Takatak, Park avenue, Realme, Nokia, Oppo, Samsung, and MI which have collaborated to build strong followers and potential customers. He had also contributed his share to influence people with other brands like Iqoo, Tecno, Firebolt, Dorco, B612, Epik, Car24, and Myntra. He also dreams to start a hotel business and deliver a positive experience for his clients.  In an interview with Sakshi Post, Kamlesh Salvi opened up to Devraj Bollareddy about his journey and the challenges faced as an influencer.

How did you successfully leverage your talents to make a career out of them?

I'm not a talented person by birth. I'm just like other people who follow me. My desire to do something made me a blogger, a thinker, and an influencer. All these happened in my life only because I wanted it so badly that I'm ready to work myself out to something beyond my extent. My hard work just paid me back. If someone wants something so hard that they train themselves to achieve it, I believe anyone can do that.

Why did you switch your career to become an influencer and what challenges did you face along the way?

 A career is what we do to earn. Very few get the chance to be loving what they do. And those are the people who love their careers. I came to this profession because I love it.

There are quite a few challenges, in the beginning. How to learn and how to talk interestingly so that people get attracted by providing value in what I speak. But with hard work, I made myself a better person. Now I'm much more confident and better.

Can you shed some light on some of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being an influencer?

Being an influencer should be a choice. Challenges are faced in every step of life. In every business or career, you find challenges. And they define who you are. Updating yourself with the latest trends and knowing what your followers might need to know are the biggest challenges in this field. Speaking about rewards, there is always growth and some self-satisfaction in what you do and achieve.

Many businesses are taking social media seriously these days, why should businesses consider investing heavily in social media?

Social media is a platform to introduce your business and make yourself understood to the masses, in a very short period, that too very easily. So I can say, businesses can largely expand themselves just by sharing their idea on social media. They can reach millions in just a click. The question cannot be why, it should be how. If you know how to talk to a million people at once and make them understand your business, there is no bigger advertisement.

Putting yourself out there is not easy, but you put yourself out there and managed to amass over one and a half million followers, how did you manage to do this?

The same thing that we do in a running competition. Practice and practice and practice. Nothing is achieved the first time. I too have some failed sessions. But I tried harder and learned some tips to better my voice and vocabulary. I'm a fan of Iron man. Like he said, "Sometimes we need to run before we can walk". I just started running. 

What do you think the future has in store for digital marketing and how will that change the way businesses engage in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the ultimate platform to promote businesses. It makes the business meet its customers. So if you sho the right path, success always follows you. DM is not just having a website or an Instagram page, it is the value you provide to your followers. You can always excel while you maintain that.

 How did you overcome these challenges?

 I always motivate myself and make myself ready for any unexpected challenges. I read a lot of books about influencing failure stories and watch a lot of videos on youtube about successful and failed people. That is my only secret.

 Did you have an a-ha moment that led you to change the trajectory of your career and become a content creator?

I was a lifestyle blogger before my evolution as a content creator. But my goal isn't fully achieved being a blogger. Life turns upside down when you feel unsatisfied with yourself. The same happened to me one fine day when I tried my first step as an influencer. And after that, there is no looking back.

When you are a content creator, there is pressure to constantly come up with new ideas and be creative, how do you deal with this pressure?

I can say that there is absolutely no pressure in being creative. I'm my boss and I need to work for myself. And the work I do, I feel it like a service. So I love what I do. 

 I'm sure that there are a lot of aspiring influencers reading this, what advice would you give them?  

I receive all my inspiration from my family. So when I look at them, I feel like I need to achieve some more. If you have someone or something to look back and feel like they're your everything, you can achieve miracles in your path.

How has your journey been so far in terms of becoming an influencer?

 It was wonderful in its best way. There are so many things I'm facing that I can't put into words. My life has taught me to compete with myself in this process.

What are some of your future goals?

As of now, I desire to start a hotel business where I can deliver a positive experience to people.

 What aspects of being a content creator do you enjoy the most?

 A content creator is someone who inspires people or shows them the way to be a better person at something. Well, I choose one particular genre and try to learn and teach others. Showing the world what I learned is what motivates me.

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