Sakshi Post Exclusive Interview With Payoda Co-Founder & CEO- Karunya Sampath

Sakshi Post Exclusive Interview With Payoda Co-Founder & CEO- Karunya Sampath

Since the inception of Payoda, Co-Founder & CEO, Karunya Sampath has worn multiple hats and played diverse roles across domains like technical management, product management, HR, and finance management. Outside work, she is a spiritually-inclined individual who has been practicing meditation for more than 15 years. She has also mentored scores of people at eminent corporate and educational institutions through life skill workshops. A sportsperson in her young days and a mother of two at present, Karunya continues to lead an active life with dedicated hours for workouts and sporting activities.

Karunya Sampath shares her entrepreneurial journey with P Charitha in an exclusive interview with Sakshi Post.

Sakshi Post:  Starting an enterprise from the dot com era to providing services that include Cloud transformation, Digital web and mobility, Product engineering, Blockchain, Robotic process automation, and Internet of Things, etc., how have you managed to upscale and stay relevant all through these years.

Karunya Sampath: It is in our DNA to focus on software engineering practices, design excellence, winning culture, and have a global mindset. This has kept us winning and innovating. Moreover, Payoda as an entity has always thrived on a deep understanding and passion for engineering and design disciplines so that businesses get to leverage technology optimally as per their requirement. As we draw our inspiration from the power of digitization and its impact on business, we have kept pace with technological advancements as well as ever-evolving customer preferences. We have over the years delved deeper into different technologies and subsets to democratize the same for businesses across scale and size.

Sakshi Post:  Tell us more about the new platform HealthViewX and what it does.

Karunya Sampath: "HealthViewX is an end-to-end Care Orchestration, Multi-cloud SaaS-based platform that seamlessly orchestrates the clinical, operational, and user experience of patients, physicians, and healthcare entities across the entire continuum of care. Its digital transformation moonshot is aimed at building a human-centric healthcare ecosystem to change the patient experience, enhance the patient-provider partnership and allow healthcare organizations to address key challenges by building applications that bring data together, thereby automating key processes to keep pace with the service delivery and regulatory environment".

Sakshi Post:  Each person has his/her own way of managing life and career... As a successful digital entrepreneur, sportsperson, and mother of two… how do you manage and have managed work-life balance through these years?

Karunya Sampath: There is no one way. The key is to pay attention to changing needs both at personal, on the home front, and at work.  Adopting tools and life practices to manage and boost energy levels every day has also been core to juggle the various aspects of life. During my growing up years, I was an active sportsperson and that has instilled in me the affirmation to lead an active life where personal and professional lives are balanced while extracting time out for workouts and sports as well. In addition to these, my spiritual inclination and regular meditation have helped me considerably in balancing out the different roles.

Sakshi Post:  With over two decades of experience in the software field what advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?  

Karunya Sampath: Think global and build a strong competency of global standards, be prepared to make mistakes early and learn from them. I have had the opportunity to mentor several individuals at corporate as well as educational institutions through life skill workshops, and I have always asked people to broaden their horizons and look beyond their geographical, physical, or societal concerns. There is also a pertinent need for young guns to keep pace with the advancements and indulge in continuous knowledge enhancement.

Sakshi Post:  Now in your latest role as a mentor you have guided people through your life skill workshops for students and corporates. Please share three mantras for a successful career/enterprise.

Karunya Sampath: Adding on to the aforementioned factors that one should take care of, the three mantras for a successful career or enterprise would be:

- Give 100% to whatever you do, that way there are no regrets and progress happens.

- Focus on your soft skills, India is home to yoga (body, breath, and mind) which can help accelerate your abilities.

- There is no time to waste. Focus on mind and energy management.

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