Renu Desai Slams Netizen For Accusing Her of Helping Only The Rich

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Renu Desai hit out at a netizen for accusing her of only assisting the wealthy

Hyderabad: During the Covid period, social media, which is typically used for entertainment and movie promotions, is being used effectively for exchanging information to help patients and those at risk. 

Many people are turning to social media for answers to their problems, which include information about beds, oxygen availability, medications, and stagnation. Many celebrities who have backed this cause are now assisting those who are in need. Renu Desai, an actress, and director, also falls into this category.

However, a netizen chastised her for doing such a good thing. He slammed her for caring for only the wealthy. He accused her of being prejudiced and not doing anything to support the middle class. The wealthy are the survivors, but aren't middle-class men worthy of your help as well? he rebuffed. On Instagram, Renu Desai posted a screenshot of the message.

"Guys please understand that I am trying my best since 10-12 days to help as much as possible! I am not a politician or your elected representative to question me! Please go question the politicians who you have voted for! I have been getting such rude and hurtful msgs demanding help that it breaks my spirit sometimes🙏🏼 If I miss out on your msgs please msg again because my inbox is full with non stop help and spam msgs☹️ ( Someone please help translate in Telugu and post it in comments🙏🏼)," Renu Desai shared on Instagram.

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