Rama Navami Puja, Shub Muhurat Timings And Mantras To Chant

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Sri Rama Navami is one of the most important festivals for Hindus and it is marked as a celebration of Lord Ram's birth. Rama Navami is celebrated with much joy, happiness, and devotion across the nation.

The madhyahna muhurat of Ram Navami is between 11.07 am and 1.40 pm, while Navami tithi starts at 1.23 am on April 10 and ends at 3.15 am on April 11, 2022.

According to the legend, Lord Ram was born in the madhyahna period, in the middle of the day and it will be for six ghatis (2 hours and 24 minutes approx.) which happens to be the most auspicious time for performing puja rituals.

Puja Vidhanam:

Ram puja starts with meditation followed by chanting some mantras in front of Lord Ram's idol. As God is invoked, five flowers are placed between the palms, and flowers are put in front of the idol chanting mantras. Later, milk, honey, and water is offered. Once the entire process is completed, Lord Ram is offered new clothes, flowers, and scents. After the puja process is done, offer naivedya. Then aarti is given to the idols.

Here are the mantras to chant.

Je sakam nar sunhi je gavahi.
Sukh-sampatti naana vidhi paavahi

Din Dayal Biridu Sambhari

Harahu naath mam sankat bhaaree

Sita Ram Charan Rati More

Anudin Badhih Anugrah Tore

Suphal manorath hoee tumhaare,

Raam lakhan sunimaye sukhaare

Prabhu kee krpa bhayahu sab kaajoo, janm hamaar suphal bhee aajoo

Pavan tanay bal pavan samaana

Budhi vivek vigyaan vidhaana

Mor Manorathu Janahu Nike
Basahu always ur pur sabhi ke

Mud Mangalmay Set Samaju

Jini Jam Jangam Tirtharaju

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