Odisha's Tribal ASHA Worker on Forbes Power List 2021

Odisha's Tribal ASHA Worker on Forbes Power List 2021  - Sakshi Post

Forbes India's W-Power 2021 list includes an Odisha tribal ASHA worker.

Matilda Kullu, 45, who earns Rs 4,500 a month, has dedicated her life to caring for 964 people in the Baragaon tehsil of Odisha's Sundargarh district, according to Forbes India. She has spent the previous 15 years as a well-known social health campaigner.

Forbes Power List 2021: Matilda Kullu, an Atribal ASHA worker from Odisha, has been named to Forbes India's W-Power 2021 list for her humanitarian cause.

For the last 15 years, Matilda Kullu, a 45-year-old lady from Gargadbahal village in Baragaon tehsil in Odisha's Sundargarh district, has worked as a recognised social health activist. Matilda Kullu, also known as Asha Didi, has played an essential role in raising awareness about COVID-19 treatments and precautions.

The Forbes India W-Power 2021 list is notable for women who have overcome adversity and triumphed. In addition to Matilda Kullu, former State Bank of India chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya is among the 21 women on the list.

According to Forbes India, Matilda Kullu, who earns Rs 4,500 a month, has dedicated her life to the care of 964 people in the Baragaon tehsil.

Matilda Kullu's day starts at 5 a.m. She completes her housework and prepares meals for her four family members. She also looks after four animals at her home and considers her entire hamlet to be her family.

When Matilda Kullu started working with ASHA, she discovered that when villages became ill, they would go to a "Tantrik" (witch doctor) instead of seeing a doctor. Her efforts paid off, as she was instrumental in altering the villagers' mindsets by raising information about the treatments and drugs needed to cure any sickness. Instead of going to the Tantrik for therapy, the villagers now go to a doctor.

Matilda Kullu rides her bicycle throughout the hamlet every day, making door-to-door visits to gather health-related information from the residents. Women in the hamlet are also advised on the vaccination of infant and adolescent girls, prenatal check-ups, delivery preparation, and nutritional eating for pregnant women, among other things.

Matilda Kullu also administers medications to ladies who are in labour at any time of day or night.

Matilda Kullu worked to raise awareness about the COVID-19 vaccination during the COVID-19 epidemic. She also used to do COVID-19 testing at 50-60 homes every day. There were also plans in place to transport older women and men to immunisation clinics for inoculation.

As Matilda Kullu remarked in an exclusive interview with Aaj Tak, "I am very happy that Asha didi has been given so much prominence. A woman can run a household, so why cannot she contribute to society? A woman has the power to take care of the home as well as the entire society. In today's era, Asha didi is the head of a village."

The ASHA worker stated she was happy with what she had accomplished and that her efforts had saved many lives when asked about the villagers' changing attitudes towards the necessity of staying active and healthy.

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