New Hindi Calendar on Ugadi 2022: Astrological Predictions As Per Zodiac Signs

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Horoscope for the Hindu New Year 2022: Renowned astrologer Sundeep Kocher has provided yearly forecasts for the Hindu New Year 2022 calendar.

New Delhi: The globe celebrates the New Year on January 1 every year according to the Gregorian calendar. The Hindu calendar, on the other hand, begins the New Year on Pratipada of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra. This year it falls on April 2nd, ushering in a season of festivals, pleasure, and affluence for everybody.

As a result, the horoscope forecasts for each of the 12 zodiac signs are shown below. Sundeep Kocher, a prominent astrologer, has given yearly predictions for the Hindu New Year 2022 calendar.

According to astrology, the year 2022 will mark the start of a new era. Jupiter has already passed through Kaal Purusha and is currently in the 11th House of Aquarius. As Jupiter moved out of weakened Capricorn this year, many people may have noticed or felt some shifts in the global economy.

Jupiter will transit into Pisces in April 2022, its sign and the sign in which Jupiter is at ease and in a philosophical and spiritual frame of mind. Many countries will be able to overcome the pandemic's problems. Instead of fighting COVID, countries will start focusing on healing it. People's well-being will become the new goal for nations. Saturn will move from Capricorn to Aquarius, which is the 11th house from Kaal Purusha, one of its own houses.

It is the house of gains, and when one's effort exhibits change and kindness, Saturn is at its finest. Saturn will then rain enormous blessings on individuals who are deeply generous and dedicated to social duty. During this period, all of the nations' and people's hard work and struggles should bear fruit.

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As a result, the year begins with Saturn remaining in Capricorn, where Karma and hard labour will be highlighted. As the year proceeds, the transition between gains and growth will be visible, and individuals will be able to see the results starting in April.

Rahu is also in Taurus, where he is exalted in the second house of family and riches, thanks to Kaal Purusha. Rahu will go into Aries in April 2022. The impact of the fictitious planet will be normalised, and it will be as before COVID.

Transit Saturn in Aquarius from the third house and Ketu from the tenth house will ensure that the Rahu transit is favourable for the next year.

Saturn will transit into Aquarius in April, and Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces will be affected by Saturn's Sade Sati. Due to the presence of Jupiter in its own house and Saturn in its own house, people born under the moon sign Pisces may not experience the influence.


Maintain your concentration on your task. Saturn is in its sign and the 10th house, the house of Karma. The outcomes should be seen in the light of Jupiter's current position in the 11th house. Saturn will transit to the 11th house in April, indicating that your successes from the previous year will continue.

However, with Jupiter in its sign of Pisces, one's attention should be on charity, meditation, and inner growth throughout the year, successfully delivering both financial and spiritual advantages. From April, Rahu will move into the sign of Aries. This transit may result in a fascinating shift in one's worldview. It will force you to concentrate more intently and encourage you to take on or accept riskier undertakings. Arian should cash out or monetize all of the difficult work they've done over the years and consolidate their money if they're smart and risk-averse.

Single people might expect to meet their soul mate in the second half of the year. From the start, your connection will be intense. It's fine to seek counsel, but you'll be head over heels for your spouse in the end.


Opportunities in earth sciences and mining may be a better option starting in April. This is the year for people who are already in a relationship or are yearning for love to comprehend their partner's perspective. Any health-related difficulties must be treated as soon as possible. Maintain appropriate eating habits daily to live a long and healthy life. A healthy mind follows a healthy body. You will have a lot of help from your peers, coworkers, and subordinates this year. Now is the moment to take the lead and carry out your strategy. March on, and you'll be successful.


With the help of your mentors and elders, you will be presented with several possibilities this year. By April, the fruits of all of the hard work and effort will be visible. Your professional success will undergo some changes. People working in social services, service-related businesses such as tourism, food and beverage, mental health and well-being, life sciences, public speaking, the arts, and literature would benefit greatly. While romance may not be on many Geminis' minds this year, marriage is in the cards for those who are in a relationship after May, and it will be a good time to settle with your spouse.


Cancerians have a lot of opportunities in the new year to change their lives, whether it's their work or their love life. From April onwards, focus on building these relationships and working hard to attain your goals. This year, make a concerted effort to ensure the security and safety of your house and loved ones.

During these moments, try to keep the space between you and your partner as small as possible. Your spouse is a solid foundation on which you can lean for emotional and mental support. For those who are single, now is the time to reflect and consider the sort of spouse with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life. This is the year for students in high school and college to concentrate on earth sciences and occult sciences. In terms of mobility and travel, the year will be mixed, and the majority of us will continue to work from home. It's time to be physically active by doing lots of yoga and exercises to stay in shape. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, try to integrate balanced food practices.


Those who are single should start looking for a spouse, while those who are already in a relationship should settle down. Beginning in April, you'll begin to uncover your partner's or spouse's hidden abilities and attributes. Concentrate on developing values and strengthening communication to improve your bonds. These are trying times, and it's important to stick with the appropriate partner.

Take good care of yourself. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a well-balanced diet. Overall, this is a year for forming alliances and forming teams in your job.


Those who are single should prepare to socialise. Finance professionals will have a successful year provided they avoid all forms of speculation. Understanding the scope of the problem, planning effectively, and then executing systematically are your skills. The year ahead will be fruitful for those who pursue this course.

From a professional standpoint, the second part of the year will be beneficial. Communications, music, the arts, journalism, business, and travel are all viable options. To advance in your job, you should concentrate on seamless and disciplined communication.


Librans have an easy time falling in love. Those who are single will have a lot of chances to meet the perfect person this year. From April onwards, those who are ready to settle down can marry. Saturn is in Aquarius, its sign, and will guarantee that your connection lasts for a long time. Avoid making rash decisions; instead, allow yourself plenty of time to consider your options. You will succeed if you keep your focus on your objective.


You have a decent probability of assuming a leadership role and serving as a role model for others this year. Work-life balance will entail trade-offs, and you'll have to decide which tasks to prioritise. For those who are married but have yet to have children, this is an excellent year to consider expanding your family, and for those who already have children, your children will provide you with tremendous delight as they grow and learn.

From April onwards, you should be extra cautious about health concerns. You should pay close attention to both your physical and mental wellness. You can manage them with yoga, meditation, and spiritual focus. Spend time with your loved ones and ask your elders for blessings.


This year, you may be drawn to speculative trade, business, and opportunities. There's a good possibility that your risky choices will backfire. Your capacity to plan and stay on track will be evaluated regularly. Married couples should concentrate on their family's objectives. Make an effort to acquire some fresh air and avoid overexposure to polluted areas. Life is nice in general, and if you plan things effectively, it may be even better for a long time. Dreams are vital, but defining goals is what will help you achieve your objectives.


This is the best time to start looking for a mate or get married. Your family will be sympathetic to your needs and quite supportive. It's a good moment to invest in real estate and farming-related industries, as well as enterprises involving huge service-oriented firms. Saturn is in your moon, and Saturn is exalted in the tenth house. As a result, from a professional standpoint, this is an exciting period. Focus on your physical and emotional well-being to live a happy life on the health front.


With Saturn in the first house, you'll be able to focus more disciplined and clearly on your task. This is the ideal opportunity to get engaged in social services and make a contribution that will benefit society as a whole. Jupiter will be in the second house in the second part of the year, which will offer a boost to financial problems. Maintain your sense of humour, and things will become more fascinating. Keep an eye on your tone of voice and improve your communication abilities. You would benefit from yoga, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle.

Concentrate on forming long-term partnerships. Make an effort to listen to or seek guidance from your elders. It's time to start your spiritual awakening journey. In these trying times, it's critical to focus on your mental health.


As Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius in April, you will begin your Sade Sati trip. However, Saturn will be in your moon sign's 12th house, which is where you need to be more disciplined. Because Saturn is in its sign, it will open up new doors for you. Your spiritual energy will bring about a favourable shift, and the fruits of your previous efforts will be realised.

The second half of the year will be jam-packed with activities, so start planning now. Take caution and don't take any chances. Your career will be fruitful, and you will continue to hold positions of leadership. Keep your cool, meditate, and concentrate on the vital things. You will succeed, but you must control your emotions and remain cool to deal with any scenario.

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